While Kangabag focus on eco friendliness. There’s someone else who has even bigger bean bags than we do! If you are looking for something truly gigantic, then look no further.

There’s a site called giant bean bags that lives up to its name. This is going to be good for you if you have a big house or plenty of space for one. Otherwise you might need to consider the space. While these are great, they do take up a lot of room. You can made do by getting rid of some other furniture that maybe you don’t want anymore.

Some people have thrown out their old couch to make way for their giant bean bag. Bean bags were really popular in the seventies, but they have made a comeback today as a luxury item in world furniture.

They generally come much higher quality now. Instead of having hard little beans on the inside, they now usually come with softer foam. This foam is a lot more comfortable, but still allows you to shape the bean bag however you want. Most companies use eco friendly foam that is naturally derived and can be reused and recycled. But, the foam is not the only improvement.

picture of a gigantic bean bag bed

The covers used to be made of denim or cotton or other material. While they were generally comfortable enough, they weren’t really what you would call “luxury” comfortable. Now, though, they come in different types of covers like here: http://www.giant-bean-bags.com/. The most popular is the micro fiber. The microfiber is really comfortable and has a suede look to it. It’s the kind that when you run your hands across it it looks a trail. This material is very soft and comfortable. In fact, you can probably find some matching pillows to go with it. Or, you can get some microfiber pillows in a contrasting color. That would probably look even nicer. Imagine having a giant 8 ft bean bag with bright red microfiber throw pillows on it!

So, while it is no longer the seventies these bean bags have become very popular again thanks to the improvements that they have made in design and structure. I guess maybe you shouldn’t call them bean bags anymore. Maybe foam bags http://www.giant-bean-bags.com/collections/huge-bed/? They don’t have beans in them anymore!

Either way, we really enjoy the ones we have and encourage anyone looking to cozy up their home to give one a try.

Bean bags are great for kids too. It’s awesome because your kids can jump on it, throw themselves around on it, wrestle on it, and it won’t get messed up. Ever had kids jumping up and down on your bed? Well, now you can fix that. Your bed can sustain damage from kids jumping up and down on it like that. Certainly, that’s not what it’s made for. The bean bag can take it, though. The bean bag doesn’t have a complex, finely tuned array of springs and boards designed for sleeping. So, your kids can jump on it all they want!

My kids love our bean bag and we all have a great time with it. You can stretch out and watch movies with family. Also, if you have a big rec room getting several of these and pushing them all together is great too. We’ve never done that, but I have seen other families do it online and it looks great if you have the space for it.

There are a lot of different places that you can buy these bean bags, but I suggest going right to the source. You don’t want to get some knockoffs with no warranty or a crappy return policy. The knockoffs won’t be as comfortable or look as good or last as long as the real thing.
Do yourself a favor and get the authentic ones.


So, what kind of bean bags do you want? Do you want a bean bag that is good for the environment or bad for it?

Our eco friendly bean bags are made of pure cotton and are extremely comfortable. We call them Kangabags. Kangabags was founded in 2003 and continues to provide the world with comfortable bean bag furniture. We have giant bean bags and smaller ones. Our most gigantic one is 8 ft in diameter. So, it’s 8 ft wide and 8 ft long. This is extremely comfortable and is great to hang out in.

For more information about our bean bags you can view our product line which will be available on this website soon.